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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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day in an unlikely place, the evangelical college of liberty university in lynchburg. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. his next stop is manassas for a rally tonight. peggy fox, what's the turnout look like now? >> reporter: we've got about 5 or 600 people here just now going into the arena where bernie sanders will speak tonight. i've been talking to some of these people and they say they're here because they find bernie is around authentic. they say he's connect -- sanders authentic. they say he's connected to the people, he'll hold wall street accountable, he wouldn't be bunt by anyone. it's those kind of issues -- bought by anyone. it's those kind of issues that really connect him with people, even those at liberty university. what message would bernie sanders bring to the conservative liberty university in lynchburg? the presidential candidate from vermont sought to find common
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ground. >> the american people understand that establishment politics and establishment economics is not working for the middle class. >> reporter: he said though he supports gay rights and abortion rights, the two sides need to engage in civil discourse and come together to fight the injustice of inequality. >> that there is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little. >> reporter: the biggest applause came for liberty's senior for development when he asked how sanders do not respect the unborn in the womb. >> i respect absolutely a family that says no, we are not going to have an abortion. i understand that. i respect that, but i would hope that other people respect the very painful and difficult choice that many women feel they have to make and don't want the government telling them what they have to do.
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>> reporter: sanders said that conservatives who advocate for limited government should apply the same concerning laws against abortion. now bernie sanders is jewish and today is rosh hashanah. today he often quoted the bible when he was talking about morality and inequality and justice. who knows? maybe he pulled in some votes down in lynchburg today. bernie sanders will take the stage here at 8:00 tonight. back to you. maryland state police are investigating a deadly crash in upper marlboro. it happened this afternoon along westbound route 4 between route 301 and the anne arundel county line. police say the crash involved a tour bus, a minivan and an suv. one person in that suv was killed. right now police in mississippi are searching for a college professor who was linked to two rdmuers. investigators suspect 45-year-
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old shannon lamb killed his girl friend at her home and then went to the delta state university and shot a fellow professor in his office. delta state has been on lockdown, but police do not believe lamb is still on the campus. prosecutors revealed today the child found dead in a park swing set earlier this year in la plata, maryland, had been there with his mother for more than 40 hours. after a three month investigation that woman, 24- year-old romechia simms has been indicted for felony manslaughter, child abuse and child neglect. >> reporter: the grandmother of the little boy who died said her daughter is severely mental ly ill. this should not be a criminal case. >> my grand son is gone. now my daughter is in jail. there was a long extended period of time where they honestly knew that she was suffering from a mental illness. >> reporter: after hearing
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that her 24-year-old mentally ill daughter row appreciate a sims has been -- romechia simms has been charged for killing her son found swinging him at wills memorial park in la plata. a shocking revelation in court. >> the child was there about 40 hours. >> reporter: the child died from exposure and dehydration. the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. >> she was out there with him the entire time. he didn't have anything to eat or to drink. early in the did she. obviously she was in a mental state. >> reporter: simms appearing in court today said, "i did not mean for this to happen." a judge ordered her held on $150,000 bail, vontasha simms saying her daughter should be in a hospital, not jail. >> i reached out to so, so many different agencies before this even happened. >> simms is diagnosed with the onset of schizophrenia, but her mother claims their public assistance insurance would not pay for long term hospitalization.
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bruce? an emotional kim davis began her first day back at the job with a statement to the media. she says she will not issue marriage licenses, but she won't interfere if her deputies continue to do so. the rowan county clerk spent five days in jail for refusing to issue any marriage licenses citing her religious beliefs against same sex marriage. in her absence deputy clerks issued the licenses, something they can continue to do, but davis added this. >> any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, title or my authority on it. instead the license will state that they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. >> now davis and her torn believe the marriage -- attorney believe the marriage licenses issued without her name are not valid, but the governor of the state and attorney general says they are, in fact, valid. she's asking for the state legislature to make an accommodation for her religious beliefs. new york's police commissioner says there is no
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credible threat against pope francis and federal law enforcement officials say they remain on their standard footing for an event as big as the pope's visit to the u.s., that despite claims that the u.s. has already disrupted a threat against the pontiff over the weekend. the chair of the house intelligence committee told this week on abc that law enforcement had neutralized that plot but then declined to offer any additional details. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case. >> the for profit site intelligence group in bethesda reports it's not just isis that law enforcement is worried about. on a notorious white supremacist neo-nazi internet site or forum i should say, site found racist threats to assassinate pope francis. european nations are struggling to cope with a record number of migrants. today hungarian authorities started enforcing tough new
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laws this week to keep migrants out. they sent troops in to arrest anybody who still manages to break through, but this morning a bus of migrants was taken to a train station in hungary heading to austria. >> what happens if this train goes to austria, yeah, and from austria we are going to sweden. >> authorities in slovakia and austria say they will start enforcing stricter border controls. germany is expected to take in 1 million migrants this year alone. the u.s. has taken in 1,500 thus far, another 10,000 expected to come here sometime next year. many of the migrants are trying to escape the unrest in syria. . each year more than 2,000 men and women return to d.c. after being released from a correctional facility. mayor muriel bowser is proposing more help to make that transition productive both for the individual and the community and she outlined a plan during a visit to the d.c. central jail. >> and we know that they deserve the support and
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encouragement of d.c. government and the community so that they can get back on track to productive lives. we know that they deserve a fresh start. >> mayor bowser says several d.c. agencies are working together to boost education and employment services for those who are returning to the community. she's also proposing that people in jail awaiting trial on a misdemeanor be allowed to leave jail during work hours to work at their jobs. coming up if you fraught you had holds of laundry to -- thought you had loads of laundry to do over the weekend, imagine if you were responsible for the 200 vestments, the outer garment worn by the pope. >> here are the forecast lows for tomorrow morning when you wake up, need a sweater, 59 downtown, 49 in frederick, gaithersburg and leesburg, 50 in manassas. it's going to be one of our cooler nights in three months. we'll come back, take you all the way through the week and head into next weekend.
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>> but first hear from witnesses who saw hot chunks of metal rain down on their neighborhood and why the feds are now
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the faa is looking for reports of plane parts literally falling from the sky. >> people in fresno, california, say debris came crashing down damaging windows and cars. one woman heard a loud boom that shook her house yesterday
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afternoon. >> it went around like three times in the back of the airplane. it started falling down. >> all of a sudden here a kaboom and the ground did vibrate, dogs went crazy, ran outside to see what was going on. >> the faa says the pilot reported a left engine failure around the time hot chunks of metal began falling from the sky. nobody on the ground was hurt. the faa is investigating a drone and a jet full of passengers that had a close call. the jet was landing at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. it was about 1,000 feet overhead. the faa is trying to find the pilot of that drone. the crews searched using a helicopter, but they didn't find them. keep your
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the pope's visit to washington is generating a lot of excitement and a lot of hard work. among those preparing for the visit a group of polish nuns refused to as the sisters. >> andrea mccarren takes us for a look inside the shrine with an exclusive look at what
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they've been up to the last few weeks. >> i never thought i'd be working in the baffle car, never. >> reporter: but here is sister -- basilica, never. >> reporter: but here is the sister ironing vestments to be worn by more than 250 bishops at the papal mass. >> it's very important for to us do for the holy father because he is the successor of peter. >> reporter: sister claudia is one of four nuns working quietly and carefully inside the exquisite walls of the historic basilica. >> it's very nice and exciting. >> reporter: the sisters consider the sewing, washing and ironing for the pope's visit an honor. >> i would be very happy that they can watch holy father and be in his presence. >> no one takes care of vessel, vestment like our sisters. it is perfect in every way. >> reporter: the shrine is filled with mosaics reflecting the many cultures among its
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flock. >> he is the holy father, our chief priest and shepherd. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, wusa9. the. >> the faithful are expected to come by the -- wusa9. >> the faithful are expected to come by tens of thousands to see pope francis. many coming from philadelphia say the trip will reinforce their faith. >> it is something that we believe in and something that we're strong in. >> we can go ahead and trace our roots, our catholic faith, knowing that we're there is extremely exciting. >> our new wusa9 app is there for you for complete coverage of the pope in d.c. here you can find the pope's complete schedule, how to get tickets and a sneak peek at the popemobile. he will be using it at least once while visiting the nation's capital. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> did you paint the skies bright blue today? >> it looked almost fake it was so blue. it was speck march. i got to say we're in -- spectacular. i got to say we're in a bit of a groove here. we'll keep it going a while. this was the coolest morning we've had in three months since june 4th actually. it was 55 at national, but it was 48 at dulles, 46 at manassas, culpeper and 48 in gaithersburg. i think it ill be with every bit as -- it will be every bit as cool again tomorrow morning. 3-degree guarantee, we went for a high today of 78, dry air mass, heat up quickly, cool off quickly. we went 78. how did we do? let you not tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 79, that's a good sign, dew point still in the 40s, humidity still below 30%. that's really low for us. the winds are calming down west, northwest at about 12. so open the windows tonight but
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not too far. we're talking again 40s and 50s. bus stop temperatures 48 to 68 between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. so it's a big range. it's going to be every bit of that 20 degrees used. a terrific tuesday leads to a wonderful wednesday. it will get progressively warmer, but it will stay not humid, stay very comfortable. 10:00 tonight we're already 59 in frederick. temps fall super fast. i think there will be other 50s at 10:00 tonight, 67 downtown. now by 6 a.m. 51 in frederick, 54 in leesburg, 52 in gaithersburg and i think those are a little bit high, upper 50s inside the beltway downtown. 9:00 essentially low to mid- 60s, generally clearly as a bell. 80 by 1:00, 80 in leesburg, upper 70s, around 80 just about everywhere, low humidity, a great day to take lunch outside. by 6 p.m. it's still 80 downtown and still in the upper 70s in
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gaithersburg, frederick, maybe 78 in hagerstown. then by late tomorrow night temps fall back in the 50s and 60s. so tonight clear skies, chilly, open the win domes, but again not too far, 48 to 58. so it could be almost as cold as last night. tomorrow morning sunny with a chilly start. grab your sunglasses, 48 to 78 and by afternoon sunny and warmer, just gorgeous, high temperatures 80 to 85. winds turn a little bit and light winds tomorrow, west, southwest 5 to 10. it's great. 75 in oakland, jump the divide, mull sun, 85 in culpeper, 80 -- full sun, 85 in culpeper, 82 in manassas and warrenton, 78 in annapolis. there will not be a small craft advisory for the bay or tidal potomac tomorrow. 80 with sunshine 1:00.
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still beautiful on wednesday, still great on thursday, 86, still not humid. next seven days, weekend looks okay. a weak front goes through saturday night, so a couple showers possible saturday night, upper 80s on friday, temperatures back to 80 on sunday and upper 80s on monday. kristen berset joins us from redskins park out in ashburn. what did you think of the performance yesterday? >> reporter: well, everybody wants a win in week one, but there are a lot more positives than negatives to take from this game and that's the way the redskins were looking at this. it's a busy monday here in ashburn including news why
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back. we're live at redskins park in ashburn, a busy day here as the team tries to regroup from sunday's loss to miami, a frustrating one, but there's plenty more positives than negatives to be taken from this game and that's what the players are focusing on. frank shanahan -- hanrahan has more on how the players are keeping their heads up and moving forward. >> reporter: special teams play, penalties, blowing a 10- point lead, but no, no, we're going to focus on the positives from the redskins' loss to the miami dolphins 17-10. how about alfred morris on the ground over 100 yards and tight end jordan reed grabbing a
6:25 pm
touchdown throw from kurt cousins? now that's something to build on. >> it's something our offense should really feel good about it. if you are going to feel good about a loss, rushing for over 100 yards is something positive to build off. >> he moved the football well, ran the ball well, was really pleased the way our offensive line played against a good front. that's something we're going to see as a positive going through this season. >> you can't expect to win every nfl game. we have to capitalize on those turnovers and find a way to finish. >> we knew we were going to be tough up front. i think we stepped up to the challenge. we ran the ball well. i think it was some self- inflicted wounds with the penalty that held us back. >> reporter: some tough news, wide receiver deshawn jackson, is going to be out three to four weeks with a bad hamstring, so yup, somebody will have to step in for him against the st. louis rams on sunday.
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>> reporter: losing jackson, a real tough blow for this team. they lose their deep threat. also duke ihenacho could be added to the ir out six to eight weeks after having surgery on a fractured wrist, but the latest news involves the loss of yet another starter. the league announced today corner back chris culliver has been suspended for next week's game against st. louis for violating the league's personal conduct policy. it stems from a hit and run accident back in march. so the redskins, all this means, down three starters for next sunday's game against st. louis, but it does reserve a spot for breeland who is returning this week. alfred morris' foot made contact with a helmet, but the action was not ruled deliberate. quarterback issues at maryland, perry hillis out at starter. he won the three-way battle for the starting job, but he was
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pulled in the 4th quarter this saturday and maryland lost to bowling green. in the latest depth charts junior caleb roe as starter. this will be the fourth start of his career as the terps host university of south florida. so we'll see if they can get back on track there saturday. that will do it for us here in ashburn. guys, i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. >> to sum it up, the local teams just had a bad weekend. >> they can only go up from here, though. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back
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>> pelley: running for their lives. the race against a fast-moving wildfire that's destroyed hundreds of homes. >> it's chaos. it's just utter chaos. >> pelley: also tonight, out of jail, the clerk remains defiant. >> any marriage license issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. >> pelley: lottery winners not getting paid. >> i feel like my balloon was kind of deflated. >> pelley: and what makes a supreme court justice emotional. >> this is my father's watch. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: fast and furious, a surging wildfire in northern california figures to become one of the five most destructive


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